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The price of energy storage battery in China doubled compared with last year
Time: Dec 12, 2022
After more than a decade of price reduction, the 20 kwh battery price has risen for the first time. In 2022, the average price of lithium battery will rise to US $151/kWh, compared with US $138/kWh in the same period last year, up 7%. The price of battery pack in China is the lowest, which is 127 dollars/kWh, about 0.88 yuan/Wh.
According to foreign media reports, under the influence of rising battery costs, the cost of installed energy storage in the United States increased by 13% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2022.
Wall mounted battery storage quotation exceeds 1 yuan/Wh
According to the above reported data, the average market price of energy storage battery in China will be about 0.88 yuan/Wh in 2022. According to the statistics of Polaris Energy Storage Network, the latest two bidding results of energy storage battery in October show that the market price has exceeded 1 yuan/Wh.
Judging from the large-scale bidding market for 10kwh home battery storage of central enterprises, although the price has been rising, energy storage has become just needed. Since this year, National Energy Group, State Power Investment Corporation, Pinggao Group, Southern Power Grid Technology, etc. have announced large-scale centralized procurement of energy storage batteries
According to the bid opening of 500MWh energy storage battery issued by Guoneng Credit Control on October 26, the average price is about 0.99 yuan/Wh. In the end, Haichen Energy Storage won the bid section with a bid price of 0.95 yuan/Wh, and the bid price of Avionics New Energy, another candidate for the bid, exceeded 1 yuan/Wh and reached 1.03 yuan/Wh. The project purchases lithium iron phosphate single battery of shared energy storage project, and the unit capacity is required to be ≥ 280Ah.
On October 10, in the procurement of 10 kwh battery storage frame in 2022 of State Power Investment Corporation, the bidding capacity of the second bid section was 500MWh-1GWh. Guoxuan Hi Tech said that it had won 60% of the bid and the total amount of the bid was about 800 million yuan, so the unit price was about 1.33/Wh. Lin Yang Yiwei said that 40% of the bid winning shares and the total bid winning amount were about 500 million yuan, so the bid winning unit price of Lin Yang Yiwei was about 1.25 yuan/Wh.
Compared with last year's energy storage 48v 10kwh lifepo4 powerwall bidding market, the recent battery quotation has doubled. Taking the purchase of energy storage battery released by Southern Power Science and Technology in October 2021 as an example, the first place of Sungrow Power offered 0.47 yuan/Wh, and the second place of Yiwei Power offered 0.55 yuan/Wh. At that time, the bidding price of energy storage battery was only about 0.5 yuan/Wh

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