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The German Home Battery Solar Market Grew By 67%. Why?
Time: Oct 13, 2022
The energy crisis in Europe has resulted in high electricity costs, little government intervention, high electrical costs and gradual expansion of household energy storage projects in Europe. In particular, the German household energy storage battery market grew by 67%. Why?
Because the price of natural gas continues to affect the electricity market, after Russia cut off the supply, the price of electricity used by British residents is more than 30% higher than that of Italy, the second place. The cost of electricity in Europe is still rising. The two European countries with the highest natural gas payment costs, the Netherlands and Germany, are also suffering from a great negative impact. Due to the closure of Groningen gas field in the Netherlands (which was once the largest gas field in Europe), Germany must be prepared for self-sufficiency.
In Germany, the Energy Storage Systems Association (BVES) said years ago that the sales of home energy storage batteries in Germany were expected to increase by 67% in 2022. Last year, the total revenue of the energy storage industry was 8.9 billion euros, and household energy storage accounted for more than half of the market share.
There are more than 2.2 million solar photovoltaic battery power generation systems in Germany. In the case of high electricity prices, the power generated will be transferred from the grid to the home battery solar terminal. For this reason, the leading household energy storage battery suppliers in the German market include Senec, sonnen, LGChem and Tesla and other leading manufacturers. They also cater to the market and policies to develop cheaper and larger capacity household energy storage products.

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