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How much is the household solar battery system
Time: Oct 17, 2022
How much is the household solar storage battery system? We take home mounted solar panels for example, for example, 200 kilowatt hours of electricity per month.
The monthly power consumption is 200 degrees, and the average daily power consumption is about 7 degrees.
Assuming that the daily power consumption is concentrated within 5 hours, the power required by the power supply is 7/5=1.4 kilowatts.
Assuming that 220v AC power supply is still used, inverter is required to convert 12v battery DC voltage into 220v AC power.
Assuming that the efficiency of the inverter is 85%, the solar power supply (solar panel+battery pack) needs to provide at least 1.65 kilowatts of power.
The current of 1.65kW power at 12V DC voltage is 130A. Therefore, you need to purchase about 130A × Battery with 5H=650AH. The price is about 6500 yuan (1000 yuan/100AH).
Your daily power consumption is 1.65 kilowatts × 5 hours=8.25WH. Assuming that there is 5 hours of solar charging time in the daytime, the power of the solar panel you need to buy is also 1.65 kilowatts. The price is about 49500 yuan (30 yuan/watt).
The solar inverter is calculated as 1800 yuan/set. The total equipment installation cost is about 3000 yuan.
Therefore, it is roughly calculated that a household solar energy storage system requires an investment of 60000 yuan

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