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Global power battery TOP10 in April: BYD surpassed LG and rose to "second place"! Sunwanda ranks 9th in the world!
Time: Jun 14, 2022

Monthly global power battery TOP10: BYD surpasses LG and rises to "second place"! Sunwanda ranks 9th in the world!

Recently, data released by South Korean market research agency SNE Research showed that in April 2022, the global installed capacity of power batteries reached 27.1GWh, a

 year-on-year increase of 52.3%, and maintained steady growth for 22 consecutive months.

From January to April, the global installed capacity of power batteries was 122.9GWh, a year-on-year increase of 83.4%.

While the global installed capacity of power batteries has steadily increased, huge changes have taken place in the rankings of companies. The most obvious example is that BYD has surpassed LG New Energy and took the second place.

The top 10 global power battery installed capacity companies in April are: CATL, BYD, LG New Energy, Panasonic, SK On, Samsung SDI, China Innovation Aviation, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Sunwoda, and Honeycomb Energy.

Ningde era's market share declines

In April, the installed capacity of Ningde era power batteries was 8GWh, a decrease of 46.3% from the 14.9GWh in March. However, CATL remains the champion with a market share of 29.6%, which is 13.6 percentage points higher than the second BYD's 15.9%, and higher than the sum of BYD and LG New Energy.

Affected by the epidemic, the production capacity of CATL was constrained, and the sales of its important customers Tesla, SAIC, FAW, Geely, Changan, Weilai, Weimar and other serious declines were the reasons for CATL's decline in power battery installed capacity and market share in April. major factor.

With the recovery of the market in the later period, the possibility of the CATL era returning to normal is high.

BYD's upward momentum is fierce

In April, BYD's installed capacity was 4.3GWh, up 2.4% month-on-month, surpassing LG New Energy for the first time in second place.

The market believes that BYD's excellent performance is mainly due to its almost comprehensive independent supply chain system and 23 production bases, so that its sales of new energy vehicles have not been greatly affected, so the installed capacity of power batteries has not been affected, so the market share The rate increased by 5.8 percentage points to 15.9% from 10.1% in March, and also increased by 8.6 percentage points year-on-year.

There are traces of BYD's excellent results in April. As early as May 11, in the battery alliance's release of monthly data on power batteries for April and January-April 2022, BYD has performed well in the installed capacity of domestic power batteries and has narrowed the distance with the Ningde era. The installed capacity of mainstream lithium iron phosphate batteries ranks first in China and first in the world.

The current sales data of new energy vehicles in May have been announced. With the support of sales of up to 114,200 new energy vehicles, BYD will be strong in May and in the longer term!

In the secondary market of "Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet", on June 10, BYD rose strongly, and its share price hit a record high, rising 26.39 yuan or 8.19% on the same day, and closing at 348.80 yuan per share. BYD's market value has finally surged to 1,000 billion yuan, reaching 1,015.4 billion yuan!


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Sunwanda recorded the highest year-on-year growth

Compared with the same period last year, Sunwoda's year-on-year growth rate reached 709.4%, much higher than the second year-on-year growth rate of 233.0%.

This is the second time that Sunwoda has been listed in the global power battery TOP10 ranking since November 2021.

Veken Lithium Battery noticed that at the end of February this year, Xinwangda Electric, a subsidiary of Xinwangda, completed a financing of more than 2.4 billion yuan. Investors include Weilai, Ideal, Xiaopeng, SAIC, GAC, IDG Capital, Shenzhen Venture capital, etc., the investors are basically car companies.

After this round of financing, Sunwoda Electric’s valuation reached 12.4 billion yuan, and it successfully entered the ranks of unicorn companies in the industry. A month later, news of Sunwoda Electric's latest round of financing came out again, and market participants predicted a valuation of over 20 billion yuan.

The data shows that in the ranking of domestic ternary power battery installed capacity in April this year, Xinwangda Electric has entered the top three, closely following the CATL era and China Innovation Aviation, and its prospects are immeasurable!

List of TOP10 global power battery companies from January to April

SNE Research also announced the global power battery TOP10 companies from January to April.

The top 10 global power battery companies from January to April are: CATL, LG New Energy, BYD, Panasonic, SK On, China Innovation Aviation, Samsung SDI, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Sunwoda, and Honeycomb Energy.

The above 10 companies also happen to be the TOP10 companies in the global power battery in April, but the ranking order has changed, that is, BYD and LG New Energy, which were the second in April, exchanged positions, and China Innovation Airlines and Samsung SDI exchanged positions. Location.

Compared with the first quarter, Yiwei Lithium Energy dropped out of the list, and Xinwangda, a newcomer to the list, ranked 9th.

In the list, there are 6 Chinese companies, 3 Korean companies and 1 Japanese company. From January to April, the market shares of 10 Chinese, Korean and Japanese companies were 55.3%, 25.9% and 10.8% respectively.

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