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Forecast and Analysis of China's Lithium Battery Market Size and Future Development Trend in 2022
Time: Dec 06, 2022
As the technical indicators of domestic equipment china's lithium battery manufacturers have successively reached the international leading level, and have the advantages of strong innovation ability, fast service response and high cost performance, the localization rate of lithium battery equipment has increased. At the same time, the overseas layout of domestic lithium battery enterprises has accelerated, further driving the growth of domestic lithium battery equipment market demand.
According to the data of GGII, the market scale of lithium battery cell manufacturing equipment in China will increase by 100.35% year on year in 2021, reaching 57.5 billion yuan, with rapid growth. It is expected that driven by policies, markets, technologies, capital and other factors, the prospect of 51.2v 100ah household battery new energy industry is still considerable, and the lithium battery equipment market still has a large expansion space.
Future development trend
1. china 10kwh lifepo4 battery equipment update iteration and new technology breakthrough will bring new order demand
With the acceleration of the industrialization process of new technologies, the types of lithium battery equipment will be further enriched, resulting in a larger market space. It can be predicted that the leading manufacturers of lithium battery will lead the further development of the industry in the future based on their strong innovation ability. Their equipment updating iteration and further breakthroughs in lithium battery technology will provide more orders for equipment manufacturers that maintain close cooperation with them.
2. The strong demand of downstream terminal market stimulates the capacity expansion of lithium battery enterprises
Benefiting from the rapid popularization of new energy vehicles worldwide and the rapid rise of the energy storage market, global lithium battery enterprises have experienced frequent capacity expansion. On the one hand, domestic lithium battery enterprises provide a huge market space for domestic lithium battery equipment; on the other hand, more and more domestic lithium battery equipment enterprises actively participate in international market competition, expand overseas markets, and open up new growth space.
3. The globalization path of domestic lithium battery equipment is accelerated
With Ningde Times, BYD, Zhongchuangxin Aviation, Yiwei Lithium Energy, Xinwangda, Funeng Technology, Honeycomb Energy, Guoxuan Hi Tech and other excellent domestic battery manufacturers increasing their efforts to explore the overseas market, Ningde Times has formed deep cooperation with Toyota, Tesla, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, Volvo and other international car companies, and won orders for many important projects. At present, more and more domestic lithium battery equipment manufacturers have entered the supply chain of international automobile enterprises by supplying overseas bases of leading lithium battery manufacturers, and the globalization process of domestic lithium battery equipment will gradually accelerate.
4. The international competition of 24v 60ah lithium battery equipment is intense, and domestic manufacturers play an important role
Influenced by such factors as the rapid growth of global lithium battery demand, Europe's continuous efforts to improve local power battery capacity, Panasonic, LG Chemical and other large foreign lithium battery manufacturers, as well as the further improvement of the speed of new production lines of European lithium battery newcomers, the international competition of lithium battery equipment is becoming fiercer, while China's lithium battery equipment has become an important role in participating in international competition by virtue of its high cost performance ratio of equipment and rapid capacity expansion, We have successively obtained orders from foreign  lithium battery 24v 100ah lifepo4 manufacturers.

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