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Destructive innovation in the field of lithium battery energy storage
Time: Oct 14, 2022

Lithium battery energy storage is expected to penetrate the energy storage market as a "disruptive" innovation technology. Innovation can be divided into continuous innovation and disruptive innovation. Continuous innovation is to continuously improve the performance of existing products through the development of advanced technology and obtain higher profit margins, but it is still aimed at the existing market and has not opened up a new market. Disruptive innovation is to adapt to the needs of customers in new markets through continuous improvement and cost reduction. When the product cost falls within the range acceptable to customers in the new market, the disruptive innovation technology will be applied in this field on a large scale, thus greatly expanding the application field and space of the product. By studying the characteristics of the lithium battery industry, we believe that lithium battery energy storage will be a disruptive and innovative technology for the energy storage industry. In the future, the application of lithium batteries in energy storage will overturn the development speed, development space and industry pattern of the existing lithium battery industry, and will be widely used in the energy storage field of distributed photovoltaic and communication base stations with a market scale of 10 billion dollars.

Understanding lithium battery energy storage from disruptive innovation: with "disruptive" characteristics, the application is expected to accelerate the rapid growth of the energy storage industry, but lithium battery energy storage is constrained by cost factors, and has not yet launched large-scale commercial applications. We believe that lithium battery energy storage can meet the requirements of distributed photovoltaic energy storage and communication base station energy storage due to its large power density, small size, small investment in a single device and decentralized investment. Once the price drops to the critical point, lithium battery energy storage will reflect its power as a "disruptive" innovative technology, obtain large-scale application in these two energy storage fields, achieve explosive growth, and expand the application of lithium battery energy storage to other energy storage fields.

The demand for energy storage of distributed photovoltaic battery and communication base stations is huge. The characteristics of lithium battery energy storage that will be the first breakthrough in the field of lithium battery energy storage just meet the unique demand for energy storage of distributed photovoltaic and communication base stations. It is expected to achieve the first breakthrough in these two major energy storage markets in the future. In the field of distributed photovoltaic, as the price of photovoltaic cells continues to decline, the installed capacity continues to increase, and the corresponding demand for energy storage also grows rapidly. In the first half of this year, Tesla launched lithium battery energy storage products, "Energy Pack" and "Energy Home Power Wall", which became the landmark products of distributed photovoltaic lithium battery energy storage; The trend of miniaturization and integration of communication base stations has become the main driving force for lithium electrification of backup power supply for communication base stations.

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