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Which type is good for solar energy storage lithium battery
Time:Oct 22, 2022

Which type is good for solar energy storage lithium battery?

1、 Lithium ion battery

Lithium ion battery is characterized by environmental protection, non pollution, non combustion, high temperature resistance, high discharge rate, no memory effect, non polarization, long cycle life, etc. It has a service life of tens of thousands of times, small size, light weight, no noise, no pollution, etc. It is a green, environmentally friendly, economical and practical lithium ion battery. At present, lithium ion batteries are mainly used in renewable energy power generation systems to supplement electric energy and start generators. However, due to the high energy and power density required in the charging and discharging process, most of the lithium batteries widely used in solar energy storage lithium battery in the world are non energy lithium ion batteries).
2、 NiMH battery
NiMH battery is the fastest growing battery in the world, with high energy density, long service life and high safety. Its advantages are lead-free, tasteless, non corrosive and non-toxic. It is an ideal energy storage equipment. However, the charging speed of NiMH battery is slow, and the high-temperature performance is poor. At present, nickel zinc alloy battery packs are mostly used for nickel metal hydride batteries produced in China. For example, the first NCM nickel metal hydride battery energy storage power station developed by China Southern Power Grid Corporation was built in Zhuhai for grid connected power generation. The heat energy generated during operation can be used for heating, cooling, industrial air conditioning and other fields. In addition, domestic enterprises have also begun to develop nickel zinc alloy battery packs for wind power generation and household energy storage. However, as nickel is a metal element with scarce resources, the resource price is high, and the future development price will gradually decrease.
3、 Lead acid battery
Lead acid battery is a new type of battery with high energy density, small size, light weight, convenient use, safety and long life. It is characterized by high specific energy, long cycle life, low discharge voltage and renewable cycle. It has strong resistance to acid and alkali, and is suitable for use in neutral and alkaline environments. In addition, the corrosion resistance of lead-acid battery is stronger than that of lead-acid battery, which can meet the requirements of large power grid.
4、 Other types of batteries
In addition to the above several commonly used batteries, there are also some special types of batteries. Such as lithium hydroxide battery, sodium sulfur battery (Ni) and lithium ion battery (Li) for battery energy storage. With the continuous development and progress of these battery technologies, their application scope will be wider and wider

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