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This article will take you to understand which lead-acid battery or lithium battery is better for electric vehicles?
Time:May 10, 2022
With the update of electric vehicle battery technology, the development and application of lithium batteries are increasing year by year. However, it is only on the rise, limited by the performance and cost performance of lithium batteries, there is still a long way to go to replace the big brother of traditional lead-acid batteries. Which is better, lead-acid battery or lithium battery? For the future development of lithium batteries, what is the prospect? Relevant experts said when talking about the "lithium electrification" trend of electric bicycles, lead-acid batteries will still occupy the dominant position of electric bicycle power batteries in the future.

There are three kinds of batteries commonly used for electric bicycles: lead battery, nickel metal hydride battery and 48V lithium ion battery. The lithium battery electric bicycle is very light and takes a long time to use electricity. Compared with lead battery, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

1. Half of the price of an electric vehicle is on the battery. The price of lithium batteries is much higher than that of lead-acid batteries, and lithium electric vehicles are also much more expensive.

2. In terms of quality, it has a long battery life and can run farther than lead-acid batteries.

3. Be sure to pay attention to waterproofing during use, which is harder to serve than lead-acid batteries. The manganese dioxide of the positive electrode of the lithium battery can generate heat with only a small drop of water. After the sulfurous chloride in the lithium battery contacts with water, it releases heat energy while generating hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide. Several factors make the lithium battery a "tinder" in life. When using the 10 kwh lifepo4 lithium battery, you must pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof.

4. I personally think that although there are already lithium electric cars on sale, the sales are not very satisfactory and are not recognized by the public. From the perspective of environmental protection, lithium batteries 48v are more environmentally friendly than lead-acid.

5. The lead-acid battery can be repaired now, including the instrument plus manual repair. I don't know if the lithium battery can be repaired.

Which is better, 48V lead-acid battery or 48v lithium battery for electric vehicles? In contrast, lead-acid battery technology is mature, and 75% of raw materials can be recycled, so the price is relatively cheap, which is more suitable for the purchasing power of electric bicycle consumers. ?Although the proportion of lithium-ion batteries will increase in the future, lead-acid batteries will still dominate in electric bicycle power batteries, and lithium batteries still need to go a long way to replace the dominance of lead batteries.

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