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The service life of ternary lithium battery depends on
Time:Oct 25, 2022
What is the service life of the power ternary lithium battery pack? The dual advantages of ternary materials for comprehensive performance and cost are increasingly concerned and recognized by the industry, and gradually surpass lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate to become the mainstream technology route. The life of the power ternary lithium battery pack is determined by the number of battery cycles. The cycle of the battery is the charging cycle, which is the process that the battery fully charged with the rechargeable battery runs out of power.
What is the service life of the power ternary lithium battery pack?
What factors will affect the service life of the ternary 48v lithium battery pack? It is believed that this needs to be analyzed from the structure of the battery itself, such as battery material, environment, optimal working state, etc.
The life of the power ternary lithium battery pack depends on the aging effect of battery materials. If the side reaction of the 48v lithium ion battery can be reduced to a lower level, and the lithium ion can always travel smoothly between the positive electrode material and the negative electrode material through the electrolyte, the cycle life of the lithium ion battery can be improved.
Specifically, in the process of use, the irreversible electrochemical reaction will lead to a decline in capacity due to improper use, such as the decomposition of electrolyte inside the battery, the active substances inside the battery, and the service life of the power ternary lithium battery pack. At present, most power batteries are ternary lithium batteries. Generally, the service life is about 1000 cycles.
According to the battery standard, the life of the ternary lithium battery pack is determined by the number of battery cycles, and the capacity of the ternary lithium battery will continue to decline with the increase of charging times. In relevant laboratories, 1C charging rate continues to charge the ternary lithium battery pack. After 1000 charging cycles, the battery capacity is reduced to 80% of the new battery state.
The theoretical life of the ternary lithium battery pack is about 800 cycles, which is medium among commercial rechargeable lithium batteries. Lithium iron phosphate about 2000 times, while lithium titanium is said to reach 10000 cycles. At present, mainstream battery manufacturers promise to produce ternary cells more than 500 times (charging and discharging under standard conditions) in their specifications. However, after the cells are made into battery packs, the consistency problem is that the voltage and internal internal cannot be completely the same, and their cycle life is about 400 times.
As long as it is a power battery, there will be attenuation during use, but the attenuation speed of power batteries from different lithium battery manufacturers will be different. At the same time, relevant national policies also clearly stipulate that the manufacturer must provide 8 years or 120000 km of power battery warranty.
For the lithium battery widely used in electric vehicle power battery at present, its service life is determined not by the number of charges, but by the charging cycle. In other words, the electric vehicle power battery can be fully charged or its total charge is constant. If it is used together with charging, the number of times of charging has nothing to do with the battery life. The cycle life performance of the power ternary lithium battery pack directly determines the practical and commercial process of electric vehicles. When choosing a ternary lithium battery manufacturer, we must specifically ensure the long-term life of the battery

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