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Solar storage battery price
Time:Nov 30, 2022
Many people will ask solar storage battery price? For example, how much does a home solar power battery storage cost? First, you need to know what a home solar power generation system is? Chang Guanjian, as long as the home photovoltaic system can be understood as an off grid power generation system, for the off grid photovoltaic power generation system, its core is the battery. After solar power generation, it needs to be stored in the battery to ensure continuous power supply, so as to meet the normal power consumption of the family.
If it is only a photovoltaic power generation system, excluding the battery, the price is relatively easy to calculate. The main equipment included are photovoltaic panels, brackets, controllers, inverters, combiner boxes, cable foundations, etc. The overall cost of these devices can be controlled at 4-5 yuan watts, which can be used to calculate the power of photovoltaic panels. The price of storage battery is about 50 yuan per hour for lead-acid storage battery, which is relatively high.10kw 48v Lithium battery is more cost-effective in the long run, because it has high energy, no memory, and a longer service life than lead-acid battery plants. It is pollution-free and environmentally friendly
The size and configuration of the battery are mainly based on the configuration of the household electrical equipment. Generally, the household needs 5000 watts of power. In addition, considering overcast days and rainy days, the rose battery should be large when configured. Therefore, the key is the price of the home solar storage battery.

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