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solar storage battery cost
Time:Oct 31, 2022
Generally speaking, a grid connected family solar power generation system is about 10 yuan to 12 yuan per watt. The average family has a refrigerator, a TV set, a 1.5 horsepower air conditioner, 2~3 lights, etc., which requires about 2000 watts. The monthly power consumption is about 300 degrees. If the roof area allows, a 3000 watt solar power generation system is required. 3000W home solar storage battery cost between 30000 yuan and 36000 yuan
Home battery solar systems can be large or small. For example, lighting power is generally small solar power generation systems (400-600W solar panels, 4 batteries, and two dry tile inverters are about 8000 yuan to 12000 yuan) If you have an inverter for air conditioning in your home, 5 kilowatts will do. Large solar power generation systems need more stable electricity and more money. You count watts. How much do I need to install a 500w household solar power wall generation system? Load 500W or rated power 500W? If the rated power is used, the amorphous silicon thin film battery module is used for 500W, and the inverter, battery, bracket, power cabinet and cable are added, it is estimated that it will take about 15000~16000 to get them all down!

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