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Solar battery photovoltaic power generation price
Time:Oct 31, 2022
The cost of battery photovoltaic power generation includes the total cost of each component of the system, the installation cost, and the maintenance cost in the operating life of the system. It is an indisputable fact that the cost of solar photovoltaic power generation is still high, among which there are various factors, such as production and manufacturing costs, investment costs in scientific and technological research and development, which restrict the popularity of current photovoltaic power stations. Before that, the price directly restricted the application of photovoltaic battery storage in China. China's photovoltaic industry was also mainly exported to Europe. According to the subsidy plan, the estimated installation cost for the approved grid connected household photovoltaic power generation project was 0.9 yuan per watt. If the installed capacity of each household was 3KW, the average installation cost per household was about 28000 yuan. According to the local radiation exposure intensity and duration, theoretically, the installed capacity of 3KMW generates about 15 degrees of electricity per day. Generally speaking, a family of three uses about 3000 degrees of electricity per year. According to this calculation, subsidies can be calculated. Invest 28000 yuan to build a solar photovoltaic battery station with 3KW installed capacity, and the cost will be recovered in 5-8 years. Of course, this is only a theoretical calculation. Regardless of maintenance costs, solar PV should be popularized on the premise that the cost of photovoltaic power generation should be reduced to a competitive advantage with the costs of thermal power and wind power. However, from the current situation, the cost of photovoltaic power generation is relatively high. Happily, thanks to the promotion, support and active involvement in this industry of China, the cost has been greatly reduced compared with that before, making it gradually become a product that people are willing to accept. According to industry insiders, the solar battery photovoltaic field will show a broad and diversified trend in the future, and photovoltaic products that meet various needs will continue to come out. In addition to large grid connected power stations, photovoltaic integrated systems, photovoltaic pumping systems, photovoltaic street lamps, etc. that are integrated with buildings will also rise rapidly. Therefore, in terms of the cost target of photovoltaic power generation, the cost of photovoltaic modules will be reduced to 5000 yuan kilowatts in 2018, the cost of battery photovoltaic system will be reduced to 9000 yuan/kilowatt, and the cost of photovoltaic power generation will be reduced to 0.7 yuan degrees. In fact, photovoltaic enterprises have been trying to reduce power generation costs and increase their competitiveness in recent two years. Even so, the cost of photovoltaic power generation is still more than three times that of coal power generation. Only when the cost of photovoltaic power generation is reduced to 0.6 yuan, can photovoltaic power generation compete with coal power generation in the market

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