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Precautions for charging lithium iron phosphate battery
Time:Nov 03, 2022
The full name of lithium iron phosphate is lithium iron phosphate battery. Because its performance is especially suitable for the electric power field, "power" is added to the name, that is, power lithium iron phosphate battery. There is also a saying called "lithium iron lithium". So, do you know about the charging technology of this electric vehicle? Here are some tips on charging lithium iron phosphate batteries.
1. Before solving this problem, we must first understand the structure and working principle of lithium iron phosphate. Lifepo4 battery 48v is connected to the positive electrode with aluminum foil, and the positive electrode and the negative electrode are separated with a polymer film partition in the middle, but lithium ions can pass through without any electrons entering; Between the top and bottom of the battery, there is a battery sealed with a sealed metal shell. When lithium iron phosphate is charged, lithium ion will transfer to the negative electrode through the polymer membrane; During discharge, lithium ions in the cathode will enter the anode through the partition. Because lithium ion will migrate during charging and discharging, it is called lithium ion battery.
2. When the battery is charged, lithium ion will move from the surface of lithium iron phosphate crystal to the crystal surface. Affected by the electric field, it will move to the graphite lattice through the electric field force between the film and the electrode. At the same time, it flows through the conductor to the aluminum foil collector of the anode, through the pole lug, battery pole, external circuit, negative pole and negative pole, to the copper foil collector on the negative pole, and then flows into the graphite negative pole through the conductor, so as to achieve the balance of negative charge. After lithium is deinked in lithium iron phosphate, lithium iron is converted into iron phosphate.
3. During battery discharge, lithium ion battery pack will leave the graphite crystal, enter the electrolyte, pass through the film, and then transfer to the lithium iron phosphate crystal through the electrolyte, and finally be embedded in the lattice. At the same time, the battery flows to the copper foil collector of the negative pole through the conductor, flows to the aluminum foil collector of the positive pole of the battery through the pole lug, battery negative pole, external circuit, positive pole, positive pole and positive pole lug, and then flows to the positive pole of lithium iron phosphate through the conductor, so that the charge of the positive pole reaches balance.
Tip: The lithium iron phosphate battery should be waterproof and dust-proof during use, and should not be put into water, otherwise the working efficiency and service life of the battery will be affected

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