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Powerwall battery lifespan
Time:Nov 10, 2022
The cycle times of lithium batteries are closely related to the service life of batteries. The battery capacity will be reduced a little after completing one cycle, and the lithium powerwall battery lifespan will also be reduced. How long is the cycle life of lithium battery?
Cycle life refers to how many times the battery can withstand charging and discharging before the battery capacity decreases to a specified value under a certain charging and discharging system. The cycle life of a powerwall lithium battery solar storage represents the number of times that the battery can be recharged and discharged before its capacity drops to a certain level. According to the data, lithium energy storage batteries generally achieve a cycle life of more than 5000 times.
The quality of home battery energy storage mainly depends on its material. Generally speaking, a high-quality energy storage battery has a long life, which can effectively reduce the cost of repair and maintenance, and also reduce the overall investment in the system. Moreover, the charging acceptance of high-quality energy storage battery is also strong, which can charge more stably.
ZXDY's wall mounted lithium energy storage battery has more than 3000 cycles. It uses A-pole cells, which have more stable safety performance. In addition, it is equipped with BMS intelligent management system, which protects the battery from overcharge, overdischarge and other aspects, making the battery life longer.

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