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How to increase the capacity of lithium ion battery pack
Time:Oct 26, 2022
Lithium ion batteries can be connected in parallel to increase their capacity. That is, by connecting the positive pole of the lithium ion battery with the positive pole of other batteries, and connecting the negative pole with the negative pole of other batteries, the capacity of the lithium ion battery can be increased without changing the output voltage of the battery pack; If the batteries are connected in series, the output voltage of 10 kwh lithium battery pack will increase while the capacity will remain unchanged.
Add the same number of lithium ion batteries and meet the following requirements:
1. If 3.6/3.7v lithium ion batteries are used, the positive and negative electrodes of each battery are required to be welded in parallel on the original battery, and the serial number is coded, so that no error can be made, because the original battery is used to balance the protection plate, which requires certain electrician knowledge, hands-on ability, balance protection plate and anti-static knowledge.
2. If the space orientation is satisfied, you have to calculate and measure by yourself.
3. It is necessary to know whether to use a single 3.6v lithium ion battery or a 3.2v lithium iron phosphate battery. The two cannot be confused.
How to increase the capacity of lithium ion battery?
The role of information that helps to improve the capacity of lithium ion batteries: here, the most direct way to improve the capacity density is to use positive and negative active materials. The main directions include:
1. Multi purpose data: such as positive lithium rich data, high voltage ternary data, high voltage lithium cobalate data, binary data, etc. Soft carbon, hard carbon, silicon tin based compounds, etc. Negative electrode.
2. Use positive and negative pole data with high compaction density.
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3. Use active substances with better cohesiveness and conductivity: this can reduce the content of adhesives and conductive agents in the application, thereby improving the dressing capacity per unit mass; In addition, the reduction of the amount of adhesive and conductive agent can also improve production functions, such as compaction of data active substances.
4. Information about small thickness rebound: after the lithium ion lifepo4 battery 10kwh is cycled, the thickness will rebound to a certain extent; When planning, the rebound thickness after the demand reservation cycle; When using data with smaller thickness rebound, the saved thickness rebound reserved space can be transferred to the planned thickness of the battery cell, and then the planned capacity of the battery cell can be increased.
5. Select a data system with good matching function: the data combination with poor matching will not only reduce the cycle function of the 10 kwh home battery lithium ion, but also affect the magnification function and even the performance of the positive and negative electrodes; Similarly, when the data match is good, functions such as gram display, circulation and expansion rate may be improved

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