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How much does the wall mounted energy storage battery cost
Time:Oct 18, 2022
How much is the wall mounted lithium battery? Before answering this question, let's first understand why lithium ion batteries are the most ideal high-energy storage batteries?
Characteristics of lithium battery
1. It has higher energy weight ratio and energy volume ratio;
2. The voltage is high. The voltage of a single lithium battery is 3.6V, which is equal to the series voltage of three nickel cadmium or nickel hydrogen rechargeable batteries;
3. Small self discharge can be stored for a long time, which is the most outstanding advantage of the battery;
4. No memory effect. lithium battery powerwall does not have the so-called memory effect of nickel cadmium battery, so there is no need to discharge the lithium battery before charging;
5. Long life. Under normal working conditions, the number of charging/discharging cycles of lithium battery is far greater than 500;
6. It can be charged quickly. Lithium battery can usually be charged with current of 0.5~1 times of capacity, reducing the charging time to 1~2 hours;
7. It can be used in parallel at will;

8. As the battery does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other heavy metals, it does not pollute the environment and is the most advanced green battery in the contemporary era.

From the above characteristics of lithium batteries, the cost of wall mounted energy storage battery is affected by market supply and demand. The more the demand is, the more expensive the raw materials of lithium batteries are. As a result, the cost of power wall lithium batteries is high, which affects the price of wall mounted lithium batteries. Secondly, the energy size of wall mounted lithium batteries is also one of the factors affecting the price. For example, the market price is 10 yuan/kwh, so the cost of 10 kwh wall mounted lithium batteries is definitely higher than that of 5 kwh wall mounted lithium batteries, Calculation method: lithium battery powerwall cost=energy (kwh) * market unit price.
In addition, the cell materials used for batteries are different, which will also affect their prices. For example, ternary cells and iron lithium cells. According to the market situation before 2022, ternary cells cost more than iron lithium cells.

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