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How many placement methods are there for lithium battery UPS power supply?
Time:Nov 07, 2022
With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous updating and improvement of circuit structure, UPS power supply has a variety of circuit structure forms, and various UPS uninterruptible power supplies emerge in endlessly. The following are the main placement methods of lithium battery UPS power supply.
The lithium battery pack contains a battery pack. When the device detects that the main power supply is powered down, it will "start" to provide uninterruptible power supply for some devices that require high power stability. UPS can be divided into three types in terms of space occupation, namely tower type, rack type and modularization.
① Tower type
Like ordinary computers, tower UPS is upright, with a height of 10U (U is the height unit of the server, about 4.5cm). This UPS power supply takes up small space and can be placed at will without special cabinet. Almost all household UPS are tower type.
The tower UPS is characterized by online dual conversion, separate placement and floor installation, which also requires space. In most cases, the rack type UPS can also be installed in the tower, but the tower type UPS may not be installed in the rack because the tower type UPS may not be able to install rails.
② Rack type
The rack type lithium battery UPS is basically the opposite of the tower type UPS, which is horizontal and wider in size. It is usually placed directly in the corresponding cabinet. This cabinet usually contains servers, etc., With a UPS battery pack, it is a large operation cabinet.
The rack can be installed in a 19 inch standard server cabinet and fixed in a standard network cabinet by rails. The lithium battery is 1U or 2U high, and 2U is about 9CM high, so it must be placed in the server cabinet. Rack type lithium battery UPS is almost used in enterprise environments, and modern computer rooms are basically rack type servers.
Rack mounted lithium battery UPS is characterized by small size, large capacity, high efficiency and small space occupation. Rack type UPS is widely used in communication, power, public security, fire protection, broadcasting, finance, military, Internet and other industries.
Lithium battery module
As for the modular type, it can be understood as a rack type lithium battery UPS, just like a building block, which gathers points into a plane, splices them together, and then installs them in the corresponding location. The modular power supply of UPS adopts a modular structure, which is easy to install and expand. Only modules need to be added. The advantages of lithium modular UPS power supply are as follows:
Investment benefit: expand capacity as required to save initial investment;
Maintainability: online hot plug, easy and fast maintenance, no bypass;
Energy conservation and environmental protection: less pollution to the power grid, high efficiency, module dormancy and other technologies to reduce energy waste.
Energy saving and consumption reduction: Today, the country advocates environmental protection and energy conservation, and the green and energy-saving lithium battery modular UPS has attracted much attention, with the input power factor exceeding 0.999.
Conclusion: The above is the layout of three lithium battery UPS power supplies in terms of space occupation. The various structures of UPS power supply also reflect the different performances and applications of UPS to a certain extent.

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