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how lifepo4 batteries are made
Time:Nov 03, 2022
Step 1: ingredients
High vacuum fully automatic mixing of materials for 10 hours will disperse the materials required for lifepo4 lithium battery evenly, and improve the consistency and comprehensive performance of the battery. Why do you do this? Because ingredients are the core area of lithium battery production, poor ingredients directly affect the performance of lithium battery.
Step 2: coating
The positive and negative electrode plates are uniformly coated with automatic feeding system, automatic tool adjustment system and online thickness measurement system. Why do you do this? Because coating is the basis of 48V lithium battery production, coating determines the consistency of the battery.
Step 3: Roll pairing
After the positive and negative electrode sheets are coated, the positive and negative materials are relatively loose, so it is necessary to give the electrode sheets a certain pressure to compact the positive and negative electrode materials to a certain range.
Step 4: Slice
According to the model of the battery, the positive and negative pole pieces need to be cut into the required width. For example, 18650 lithium battery, the width of electrode plate is within 56-58mm.
Step 5: Production and winding
The positive and negative electrode lugs are welded to the positive and negative electrode sheets by using an automatic production machine. The full automatic winding machine is used to wind the positive and negative pole pieces and the diaphragm into a cylindrical shape.
Step 6: point bottom rolling groove and vacuum drying
The coil core is put into the steel shell, the negative pole lug is automatically welded, and the groove is automatically rolled. In addition, after high vacuum and high temperature baking, a small amount of water is dried to ensure the performance of lithium battery.
Step 7: Dissolve into separate volumes
The 48v 100ah lithium battery needs to be charged and discharged before shipment, and the battery is charged before delivery.
Step 8: Assemble lifepo4 lithium battery
The full-automatic welding machine is used to weld multiple batteries together with connecting pieces, and then install the circuit board for aging test and shipment inspection.
In a word, the production of high-quality lithium batteries for electric vehicles is very rigorous, because only in this way can the quality be guaranteed. For users, they should be more careful when choosing lithium batteries, and should not be greedy for cheap, so as not to encounter low-quality lithium batteries

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