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Time:Oct 27, 2022
The solar photovoltaic Battery is very flexible and has greater advantages compared with the ground power station. The installed capacity can be large or small. The installed capacity is determined according to user needs and roof area. It can make use of solar energy dispersion, and flexibly use idle roofs for investment. In the long run, it is economical. In particular, the construction of household photovoltaic power stations on the roofs of industrial and commercial industries can not only save part of electricity consumption and electricity bills, but also national subsidies. The economic and social benefits can be perfectly combined. However, from the perspective of photovoltaic power station, as a new energy, many people still do not know about this clean energy, do not know about this system, and are skeptical about its costs and benefits. Therefore, in the face of this problem, ZXDY New Energy Company will give you a detailed explanation about home solar battery storage price? Let's take an industrial and commercial roof as an example.
The storage price of household solar cells mainly involves the cost of photovoltaic modules, inverters, power transmission and distribution, power station construction and installation, etc. Since photovoltaic power stations are built on the roof, the cost of land can also be saved. Generally, in Hubei Province, the cost of roof photovoltaic battery storage power stations is between 8-12 yuan per watt. The specific price is determined after the user and the photovoltaic company negotiate.
What are the economic benefits of household solar cell storage systems? Suppose a 200KW industrial and commercial roof, the final price is 1.9928 million yuan, which is about 10 yuan/watt.
Then surely someone will say, is this project cost-effective? Let's calculate the economic account. The roof generates electricity from 8:00 to 17:00 every day. The current electricity price is 1.2 yuan, the national subsidy is 0.42 yuan, and the selling price is 0.478 yuan. We assume that the self use ratio of the enterprise is 80% and the electricity selling ratio is 20% for the electricity generated by the photovoltaic power station.
Electricity cost saving: annual power generation X self use ratio X (national subsidy+electricity price)
Electricity selling income: annual power generation X electricity selling ratio X (national subsidy+grid price)
Then, the calculation results are as follows:
Electricity cost saved: 200000 * 0.8 * (0.42+1.2)=259200 yuan
Revenue from selling electricity: 200000 * 0.2 * (0.42+0.478)=35920 yuan
Payback period: 1992, 800/(259200+35920)=6.7 years
6.7 After annual cost recovery, the system can run for 13 years, all of which are net benefits. Moreover, if there are provincial or municipal subsidies, the cost recovery will be faster.
From the above calculations, it can be seen that the household photovoltaic power station has significant economic benefits for industrial and commercial roofs. If there is a local subsidy policy, then the household photovoltaic power generation is still a good investment project.

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