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Customized high waterproof lifepo4 lithium ion battery 48v 200ah
Time:Oct 22, 2022
Lithium battery has been widely used in China, mainly in some special occasions. For example, lithium batteries have played an important role in many aspects, such as flood fighting and rescue, marine scientific research, etc. However, lithium batteries also have potential safety problems and do not conform to human use characteristics. Therefore, we need to develop a new type of high waterproof 48v 200ah LiFePo4 lithium battery to provide support and help in this field.
1、 Overview
The high waterproof lithium battery is a safe, durable and high power density power source. Its basic principle is that the 48V lithium ion battery separates the electrolyte through the diaphragm to avoid explosion or short circuit accidents caused by excessive internal pressure of the lithium ion battery. In the battery, NCM522 lithium metal is selected as the cathode material, and lithium ion battery pack is selected as the cathode material. The battery can withstand an impulse current of 250 g/cm3 and a continuous high voltage output of 400 g/cm3. At the same time, the battery can withstand 30000 discharge cycles and its service life can reach 30000 times.
2、 Typical lithium battery
In recent years, with the development of lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries show a diversified trend. In the traditional lithium battery, due to the characteristics of lithium ion containing materials such as good conductivity, long life, and large reversible capacity, lithium ion battery has gradually become a military power source in the military field. With the continuous progress of these materials and the continuous expansion of the scope of application, lithium batteries are used more and more widely, such as solar powerwall battery system, household battery energy storage system, communication base station energy storage system, etc. However, due to the influence of the characteristics of these materials, lithium batteries have become the bottleneck of the development of lithium batteries due to their small irreversible capacity and low charging voltage. With the continuous improvement of the performance indicators and the continuous reduction of the cost of lithium ion batteries, the research on 200AH lithium ion batteries that can be used in the field of national defense and military is becoming one of the hot spots.
3、 Research ideas of new lithium battery
The electrode materials of lithium ion batteries are usually lithium, lithium metal and boron nitride. However, lithium metal has a good prospect for development due to its excellent conductivity, and its application in electrochemistry is also very extensive. At present, the most important metal lithium ion batteries are liquid electrolyte batteries and solid electrolyte batteries. However, these materials have high requirements on the electrochemical performance of electrolytes. Generally, lifepo4 lithium battery 48v 200ah used in the water environment have higher requirements on their electrochemical performance.
4、 Development process
First, the circuit is designed. Without changing the structure and size, the circuit core structure is changed to achieve the required performance. Then, the simulation experiment is carried out and compared with the experimental results to determine whether the scheme is feasible. The specific process of the experiment is as follows: (1) functional design: in order to obtain a good waterproof 48v lithium battery, we designed a new structure of lithium battery module and related circuits. The module includes a lithium ion battery pack, a voltage source device (such as current source and voltage source) and a battery module. The coupling optimization between module functional parameters and circuit design can be realized by designing module functional parameters and implementation methods.

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