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Are powerwalls available now
Time:Oct 28, 2022
Are powerwalls 10 kwh lifepo4 battery available now?According to foreign media reports, according to a research report recently released by the Clean Energy Commission of Australia (CEC), battery energy storage system has become a cheaper and more effective technology than natural gas peak power plants in terms of providing peak capacity.
During peak power demand, power wall grids around the world usually rely on open cycle gas turbine (OCGT) power generation facilities. This kind of natural gas peak power plant can only operate several times a year, and can only operate for several hours at a time. It is one of the most polluted power generation assets used by grid operators to balance energy supply and demand.
The open cycle gas turbine (OCGT) power generation technology is an advanced power generation technology launched decades ago, which can start generating power within 15 minutes after startup, while the lithium-ion solar powerwall battery energy storage system can respond to the grid signal in a fraction of a second, and can use renewable energy power generation facilities such as solar and wind energy for charging.
Are powerwalls available now?The report entitled home battery energy storage system: Clean Peak Power Generation Facilities issued by the Clean Energy Commission (CEC) of Australia shows that from the perspective of levelized energy cost (LCOE) and levelized capacity cost (LCOC), the cost of deploying a 250MW/1000MWh 4-hour battery energy storage system in New South Wales in meeting peak demand is, It is 30% lower than the 250MW open cycle gas turbine (OCGT) power generation facility.
The National Electricity Market of Australia (NEM), which manages the energy supply of six Australian states, including New South Wales, believes that with the decline of solar power generation and the increase of nighttime demand, peak power plants will provide about 3 to 4 hours of electricity every night from 6pm.
The Clean Energy Commission of Australia (CEC) said that the lithium powerwall 48v battery energy storage system can provide charging power during this period of time. In view of the declining charging costs of solar and wind power facilities, the declining battery costs and the increasing efficiency, Australia has no sufficient economic reason and necessity to build new natural gas power plants.
In addition to providing faster and more accurate peak service and frequency response, home battery energy storage system can also provide other power services for the grid, including grid inertia and voltage support. This is not only a necessary measure to integrate the growing share of renewable energy, but also provides energy storage asset operators with the option to obtain other income, which can help them recover their investment costs more quickly.

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