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Are lifepo4 batteries worth it
Time:Oct 31, 2022
Is lifepo4 battery worth it? Lithium battery manufacturers tell you that before answering this question, we should understand what is a lifepo4 battery? Lithium iron phosphate battery is a lithium ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the cathode material and carbon as the cathode material. The rated voltage of the single battery is 3.2V, and the charging cut-off voltage is 3.6V~3.65V.
During the charging process, some lithium ions in lithium iron phosphate are removed, transferred to the negative electrode through the electrolyte, and embedded in the carbon material of the negative electrode; At the same time, electrons are released from the positive electrode and reach the negative electrode from the external circuit to maintain the balance of chemical reaction. In the discharge process, the LiFePo4 lithium battery self negative pole comes out and reaches the positive pole through the electrolyte. At the same time, the negative pole releases electrons and reaches the positive pole from the external circuit to provide energy for the outside world.
Is lifepo4 battery worth it? In terms of its characteristics and advantages, it is definitely worth it. Characteristics of lithium iron phosphate battery
High energy density
It is reported that the energy density of the square aluminum shell lithium iron phosphate battery produced in mass in 2018 will be about 160Wh/kg. In 2019, some excellent battery manufacturers will be able to reach the level of 175-180Wh/kg. Some excellent lifepo4 48v 200ah manufacturers will adopt the lamination process to increase the capacity or 185Wh/kg.
Good safety performance
The electrochemical performance of the positive electrode material of lithium iron phosphate battery is relatively stable, which determines that it has a stable charging and discharging platform. Therefore, the lifepo4 48v 200ah battery structure will not change during the charging and discharging process, and will not burn or explode, and it is still very safe even under the special conditions of short circuit, overcharge, extrusion, acupuncture, etc.
Long cycle life
The 1C cycle life of lithium iron phosphate battery generally reaches 2000 times, or even more than 3500 times. For the energy storage market, it is required to reach more than 4000-5000 times, ensuring a service life of 8-10 years, which is higher than the cycle life of ternary battery for more than 1000 times, while the cycle life of long-life lead-acid battery is about 300 times.

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