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48v power wall mounted lithium battery cost
Time:Oct 21, 2022
Generally, the 48v wall mounted lithium battery is a battery pack, that is, it is composed of multiple lithium battery cells in series and parallel. Because if a single battery cell is a 48v lithium battery, the service efficiency and life of the battery are not very good.
Therefore, the price reference factors of 48v power wall mounted lithium battery are as follows:
The price of common lithium battery cell is 4.2~4.0v
Therefore, the price of a 48v lithium battery=the price of a single lithium battery cell x (4.2~4.0v * n=48v) * m (m lithium battery cells in parallel)+the price of external protective battery materials
In the market, the price of lithium battery cell varies from 1.2 yuan to 20 yuan, which is mainly due to the difference of cell production process and material formula.
Remember that the battery cell used in the 48V lithium battery pack should be the battery produced by the same manufacturer in the same batch. Of course, the voltage of the battery cell should be the same, but the pressure difference should not exceed 20mV.

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