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48v 5kwh powerwall lifetime
Time:Nov 04, 2022
48v 5kwh powerwall lifetime?The life of powerwall solar battery lithium will vary depending on the type. Theoretically, the average life of lithium batteries is more than 500 times. We charge them every 3 days. Theoretically, the life of lithium batteries is two to three years; The service life of lithium batteries with different formulations are as follows:
1. Life of flexible lithium battery
(1) The theoretical service life of the flexible polymer wall mount 48v 200ah lifepo4 battery is more than 500 cycles, which is used for 3C products, and the service life is 3-5 years;
(2) The theoretical service life of the soft packed lithium iron phosphate battery is about 1500 cycles. The battery is charged and discharged at low current, with a service life of more than 10 years. The battery is discharged at high current, with a service life of about 5 years;
2. Life of lithium battery with steel shell
(1) The theoretical service life of steel shell lithium ion battery is 300 to 500 cycles, small current discharge, 2 to 3 years;
(2) The theoretical service life of steel shell lithium iron phosphate battery is about 1000 cycles, small current discharge, about 3 years;
48v 5kwh powerwall lifetime?In fact, the way users use lithium batteries is ever-changing, because the actual service life of lithium batteries will be different due to different service conditions. In fact, the number of cycles of lithium battery is related to the production technology level and material formula of the manufacturer of lithium battery, in addition to the different use modes of users.
In fact, the cycle times obtained by different cycle systems are quite different. For example, the other conditions above are unchanged. Just change the 4.2V constant voltage to the 4.1V constant voltage to test the cycle life of the same battery model, so that the battery is no longer a deep charging mode. Finally, the cycle life times can be increased by nearly 60%. If the cut-off voltage is increased to 3.9V for testing, The number of cycles can be increased several times.
It is meaningless to talk about cycle times without rules, because cycle times are a means to test battery life, not an end!
Myth: Many people like to use the lithium ion battery of mobile phones to automatically shut down and recharge. This is absolutely unnecessary.
In fact, it is impossible for users to use the battery according to the national standard test mode. None of the mobile phones will shut down at 2.75V, and the discharge mode is not a large current constant current discharge, but a mixture of GSM pulse discharge and normal low current discharge.

Another measure of cycle life is time. Some experts put forward that the life of ordinary civilian lithium-ion batteries is 2-3 years. Combined with the actual situation, such as the end of life with 60% capacity, plus the aging effect of 48v lithium ion batteries, it is more reasonable to express the cycle life in terms of time。

The wall mounted lithium battery we produced uses a Class A battery cell with a life of 6000 deep cycles. The following are the 48v 5kwh powerwall parameters produced by our company

Nominal Voltage:48V (customize)

Nominal Capacity:50AH,100AH, 150AH, 200AH

Nominal Energy:2.4kw/4.8kw/7.2kw/9.6kw/customized

Batetry Type:Lithium Ion

BMS:Built-in BMS

Operation Temperature:Discharge: -20℃-60℃(pack internal temperature)

Operation Voltage Range:42~54.7V

MAX Constant Charge Current:50/100A

MAX Constant Discharge Current:100A

Cycle Life (100% DOD):>3000 cycles (100% DOD); >6000 cycles (80% DOD)

Size:L 410mm * W 160mm * H 550mm

Battery Cell:18650 Type (UN38.3, UL 1642, CE)

Communication:Can-bus, RS 485

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