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48 volt golf cart battery replacement
Time:Nov 08, 2022
How about replacing the lead acid battery of the 48V golf cart? Many people will ask, because the price of lead acid livestock batteries is generally low, but ZXDY, as a professional lithium battery manufacturer, recommends that you do not choose at random because of the price. According to the market survey, the performance of golf cart lead acid batteries has declined significantly after more than one year of use, which has greatly shortened their service life. Replacing batteries requires expensive costs. At the same time, a large number of waste batteries will cause harm to the environment and human health.
Reasons affecting battery life include:
1. Discharge depth
According to the actual measurement, take a 48V golf cart battery with a motor power of 3000W on a flat ground course as an example: every 18 holes of the lead-acid battery used needs to consume about 60Ah of energy, so that the task of completing two games every day needs to consume about 120Ah of energy, and the daily discharge depth of the golf cart has reached more than 70%; If it is a mountain course, the discharge depth of the cart reaches 80% or more in 36 holes every day, so the service life of the lead-acid battery can only reach one to one and a half years. The deeper the discharge depth is, the greater the probability of producing lagging batteries, which will accelerate the aging of batteries.
2. Battery vulcanization
48 volt golf cart battery replacement?The main reason why the lead acid battery can no longer be used normally is that the electrode plate is full of layers of hard and dense white lead sulfate crystals, which can not be converted into active substances during charging, thus reducing the discharge capacity of the battery and eventually "suffocating" it. This process is called vulcanization. Vulcanization is caused by various reasons, including deep discharge of battery, insufficient charge, long shelving, etc. As time goes on, sulfurization will greatly reduce the performance of lead-acid batteries and shorten their life. The direct symptom of vulcanization is that the endurance mileage of the cart becomes shorter, in fact, the battery capacity decreases. Only by thoroughly solving the sulfurization problem of lead-acid batteries, can the service life of batteries be truly extended.
How about replacing the lead-acid battery of the 48V golf cart? It is suggested that 48v lithium battery should be used. the main indicators of battery performance include energy density, service life, charge discharge ratio and cost. In terms of performance, apart from cost advantages, lead-acid batteries are not at the same level as 48v lithium ion batteries in other aspects.
A Energy density
The energy density of lead-acid battery is about 50-90Wh/kg, while that of lithium iron phosphate battery has reached 140-200Wh/kg, and that of ternary lithium battery is even higher than 300Wh/kg. The wide gap in energy density is the fundamental reason why lithium ion batteries can become power batteries.
The charge discharge ratio of lead-acid battery is much smaller than that of lithium ion battery. If the lead-acid battery is used as the power battery, the maximum speed of the electric vehicle cannot exceed 100km, nor can it use fast charging, so the practicability of the electric vehicle cannot be reflected at all.
The number of charging cycles of lead-acid batteries is only about 300-800 times, and the difference between each brand is very large. At present, Tianneng batteries occupy a large market share in China. The number of charging cycles of ternary lithium batteries can reach 1000 times, and the number of charging cycles of lithium iron phosphate batteries can reach more than 2000 times. If the lead-acid battery is used as the power battery, it is estimated that the battery needs to be replaced once a year or two, and the cost of battery replacement is not a fraction.
In addition, lead acid battery has memory effect and poor environmental performance. Therefore, its performance is fundamentally different from that of lithium ion battery. Due to the poor performance, even if the cost is lower than that of lithium ion batteries, 48V lead acid batteries have no cost performance in front of 48V lithium ion batteries. This is why new energy vehicles choose lithium ion batteries as power batteries.

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