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48v 51.2V lifepo4 10kwh Solar Home Battery energy Storage System

For lithium ion batteries, it is basically not said that insufficient charge will affect the cycle performance of the battery. Because lithium battery has no memory effect.
All batteries will have a voltage platform during charging and discharging. In my opinion, the so-called discharge is instantaneous discharge or slow discharge, which is the difference of output power. When the battery has more power, the output energy P=UI should be larger, and the success rate will decrease with the decrease of voltage.
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48v lifepo4 10kwh Solar Home Battery energy Storage System

The household lithium battery energy storage system we produced adopts a modular design. It uses Class A cells. It has a deep cycle and a long service life, reaching 6000 times. Secondly, our battery energy storage system has BMS management, which provides multiple protection for the battery, and has a higher energy weight ratio and energy volume ratio; High voltage, the voltage of a single lithium battery is about equal to the series voltage of three nickel cadmium or nickel hydrogen rechargeable batteries; Small self discharge can be stored for a long time

solar power battery storage

home battery storage

With the continuous development and utilization of solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and other renewable clean energy, especially after the large-scale application and development of solar photovoltaic power generation system, home battery storage products have entered thousands of households, and are widely used in homes, schools, shopping malls, parking lots, farms and other places to reasonably store and use energy as energy storage systems. In household applications, household energy storage products are mainly used in conjunction with photovoltaic power generation systems. When photovoltaic systems generate power in the daytime, part of the energy is used for household loads, and the energy exceeding the load can be stored in household energy storage products for night use; At the same time, household energy storage products can also provide the working mode of peak shaving and valley filling, which can be connected to the power grid for self charging when the electricity price is low and release the charged electric energy when the electricity price is peak, so as to save the electricity cost. In addition, most home lithium battery storage products are equipped with intelligent energy storage systems, and the integrated micro grid design concept is adopted. They can operate in both off grid and grid connected modes, and achieve seamless mode switching, greatly improving the reliability of power supply, and achieving system operation optimization and maximizing user benefits。

solar battery storage

Could be customization per require: battery cable, communicationcable、 parallel cable、 grounding cabel

The base of the 10kwh battery pack shall be ordered according to the actuaneeds . The base is an independent packaging part。

solar battery storage

solar panel battery storage

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