Powerwall Lithium ion battery pack

48v 200Ah waterproof lithium iron battery for AGV industry

AGV lithium-ion battery pack is characterized by wheeled mobility. Compared with walking, crawling or other non wheeled mobile robots, AGV lithium-ion battery pack has the advantages of fast action, high work efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability and good safety. Compared with the stacker, monorail trolley, conveyor belt, conveyor chain, conveyor rail and fixed robot commonly used in material transportation, AGV's activity area does not need to lay rails, support frames and other fixed devices, and is not limited by the site, road and space. Therefore, in the automated logistics system, its automation and flexibility can be fully reflected to achieve efficient, economic and flexible unmanned production
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48v 200Ah waterproof lithium iron battery for AGV industry

Advantages of our AGV lithium battery pack:
1. High speed. The application of new materials in automobile, 3C industry, national defense, aerospace and other industries has raised the requirements for high-speed handling robots.
2. Flexibility. Automation and informatization require the handling robot to improve the machining accuracy and production efficiency of parts and shorten the manufacturing cycle of products.
3. High precision. The AGV intelligent carrying trolley is required to improve the running accuracy, monitoring accuracy and obstacle avoidance accuracy.
4. Information interaction networking. The market requires that the handling robot has a two-way, high-speed networking communication function, and it is very important to ensure the smooth flow of information between various departments.
5. Intelligent control. Adapting to various manufacturing industries, the intelligent level of handling robots is constantly improving.
The market of AGV lithium battery pack is developing in the direction of bipolar. One is to develop into a high-end market with high degree of automation; The other is to develop into low-end markets in the circulation field, offices, etc., which are mostly connected by people

48v 200Ah lithium iron battery

lithium ion battery pack for ev ups agv

Lithium ion Battery agv battery

48V Lifepo4 Battery Pack

battery pack lithium

battery pack lithium

In order to provide more efficient and cost-effective 48V Lifepo4 Battery Pack to meet customers' growing power demand and high quality requirements, we have passed the following certification:
1. GB / T 45001-2020 / ISO 45001 06722s30131r0s 2018 occupational health and safety management system.
2. GB / T 24001-2016 / ISO 14001r 2015 environmental management system 06722e20137r0s.
3. GB / T 19001-2016 / ISO 90012015 quality management system 06722q20262r0s.
4. UN38.3 rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery cmc220531009.
5. MSDS rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery cmc220531009m01.
6. Dangerous goods transportation certificate: rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery seksz202206265622wx83001.

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