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25MW! JT Energy Systems has put the battery energy storage system into operation in Germany
Time: Oct 24, 2022
According to foreign media reports, energy storage developer JT Energy Systems has deployed a 25MW battery energy storage system in Germany, which uses secondary batteries used by electric vehicles, including forklifts.
JT Energy Systems is a joint venture between Triathlon, a German lifepo4 battery manufacturer, and Jungheinrich AG, a logistics company. The company opened and operated the battery energy storage system on September 30, claiming that it is the largest battery energy storage system operated in Saxony and the largest battery energy storage system of its kind. The construction of the energy storage system will start in January 2022.
The two companies said that the battery energy storage system will mainly provide the load transfer function to store energy during the period of excess power supply, so as to provide power to the grid when needed.
Reinhild K ü hne, general manager of JT Energy Systems, said, "Especially considering the current energy shortage, we need effective methods to store renewable energy. The battery lithium solar energy storage system is an ideal solution, which will help stabilize energy prices and successfully achieve energy transformation."
A large part of the 10000 liFePo4 lithium battery modules that make up the 25MW battery energy storage system are rechargeable lithium ion batteries, mainly from electric forklifts of Jungheinrich AG, and some are from electric buses.
K ü hne added, "The service life of lithium-ion batteries is usually longer than that of motor vehicles. In order to reasonably continue to use batteries for a long time in the future, the fixed energy storage system we installed in Freiburg is a logical result."
The battery energy storage system is planned and built by TRICERA Energy, a partner of JT Energy Systems. TRICERA focuses on the use of electric vehicle batteries to build solar battery storage system . Lars Fallant, the company's chief operating officer, said that this approach is feasible thanks to the existing large car industry in Germany.
K ü hne said: "Due to the rapid increase in the share of electric vehicles using lithium ion batteries in the past few years, JT Energy Systems expects that more and more secondary batteries will be used to build fixed lithium iron solar battery systems in the future."
Although the residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors maintain strong growth, according to a study, the German public utility scale energy storage market has developed slowly in recent years, and only 32MW energy storage solar system lithium battery will be installed in 2021.

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